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The top 5 fastest cars in the world

The fastest Cars

Since the first car appeared, mankind has been amazed by how fast they can go from a start to a destination compared to walking or cycling, off course with the evolution of technology, thousands of designers and engineers have brought us incredible outcomes. Now cars are of the fastest assets one can acquire, there are from formulas to NASCAR and those luxury performance vehicles for eccentric millionaires. Want to find out about the last group of cars? Then keep reading our top 5 of the fastest cars in the world.

Our countdown starts with the Bugatti Chiron. As a synonym of luxury and quality, the Bugatti Chiron counts with a W16 engine of 1.3 liters that gives it a power of 1500 horsepower. Its value goes around 2 million Euros. Among its cons there lies the short life cycle of 5 years which means that there will only be five hundred Chiron out there and around a hundred will be made yearly starting in 2016, so you’re running out of time if you want yours. This incredible machine reaches solid 261mph that lets it reach a spot in our top five.

Now, in our fourth place we can find one of the special editions of the Chiron’s predecessor. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport makes its appearance with its outstanding 1200 horsepower and a Quad Turbo W16 Engine. It counts with the incredible signature that every Bugatti has but with a special color scheme that delights everyone who dares to see it. It costs more than a million Euros and its top speed is around 268mph, so the most demanding customers will be pleased.

Moving on in our top and Bugatti behind, we find the Hennessey Venom GT in the third place. Only 29 of this model were built and it broke the world speed record back in 2014 with an outstanding 270mph mark. This performance was achieved thanks to the incredible Bi Turbo V8 and 7.0 liter engine and their incredible 1244 horsepower. A curious thing in this car is that it weighs 1244kg so there is a 1:1 ratio when it comes to horsepower and kilos. The last model was sold for 1.4 million dollars.

The second place is given to the Koenigsegg Agera RS, a beast that broke the speed record with an incredible 278mph mark. Its engine is a V8 Bi Turbo 5.0liter one that gives the car the modest amount of 1155 horsepower. The Agera’s price goes around 1.2 million dollars. Koenigsegg is already working on a successor that takes the throne of the fastest car from the following model.

Now, the fastest car of them all is the Hennessey Venom F5. There are just 24 masterpieces with this name in the world and they cost around 1.6 million dollars each. It counts with 1600 horsepower that can reach 301mph even faster than a Formula 1 car and being the first car breaking the bar of the 300mph. This car is a synonym of outstanding performance.