5 Steps Away To Perfectly Park Your Car

Learning to drive is one of the best experiences you can have. You start to feel powerful and free to go wherever you want to go. The wind in your face as you speed up makes you feel like the master of the road… until it is time to park. All new drivers are scare of parking, it can be stressful and you can feel overwhelmed, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that bad.

As everything in life

As everything in life, it is all about practice and a little technique. Don’t worry, you wont have to send your park again to Franklin Carpet Cleaning for all the stress sweating! After reading this article you’ll become a the master of the feared parallel parking.

1. Find your place: we are not talking about a dreamed empty parking lot. You need to find a space at least 1.5m longer than your car. Be thoughtful about the space, not only for your own maneuvers, but also for the other drivers around you.
2. Position yourself: once you target the space, go a little further and position the back of your car with the back of the front car. The cars need to be parallel here and as close as you can. Stop in there.
3. The magic maneuver: meanwhile your car is stopped, turn your wheel all the way around. The key here is to not move the car until the wheel is completely turned. Now turn around in your seat, and loose the breaks a little to start moving slowly backwards keeping your wheel locked in place.
4. Turn the wheel: Stop moving once the corner of the back car is at the middle of your rear windscreen. Place the wheel in center position and move until the front of your car just passed the back of the front car. Stop again and now turn the wheel all the way around.
5. Finish like a pro: keeping your wheel locked, move until you are perfectly placed in the parallel position. Once you stopped adjust your wheel to center position so your tires are perfectly aligned.


Next time you see a parking spot, don’t panic. Remember this 5 easy steps and you will be able to park wherever you want! No more hours looking for the perfect empty parking lot. The technique is foolproof! Practice whenever you can and in no time you will be able to perfectly parallel park in your sleep!