5 ways to keep your car as shiny as new

Although we always want to preserve the paint on our car like the first day we bought it, environmental conditions and daily use end up damaging the good condition and appearance of the paint.

There is no better way to show how much you love your car than by keeping it as good as new. Many times we tend to neglect the car cleaning, mainly, can affect not only the image of your car, but also the lack of attention in maintenance can lead to more serious situations and even cost you a lot of money to fix it. If you want to keep the painting in good condition, review these five tips.


1.Washing the car

If you want to preserve the brightness of your car and eliminate any external dust that can mistreat it, then it is recommended to do a traditional wash, at least once every two weeks. Avoid the car washes, they are very delicate with the paint of your car. The action of the rollers, striking and dragging the bristles of the brush through the paint generates an abrasion in the same in the form of micro scratches.


2.Decontaminate and wax your car paint

Despite all the previous precautions, it is inevitable that the paint will be slightly contaminated and suffer a slight wear

The decontaminated removes substances that adhere strongly to the paint and that are not removed with a conventional wash. After decontaminating the paint it is advisable to wax the surface of the paint. Apply wax in abundance. If you are looking to enhance the colors of your car and give it that shine of “new car”


3.Protect the paint from the sun

The intense rays of the sun can be very damaging to the paint of your car.

If your car is going to be parked on the street for a longer or shorter time, try to be in a safe place


Park your car in the garage whenever possible. This point is key if you want to keep in good condition, not only the paint, but also the interior of your car. If it is under shade, the paint of your vehicle is protected from ultraviolet rays and dust from the environment


4.Repair the damages of your car paint as they occur

It is quite common for vehicle owners to wait for several damages to accumulate in their car to take them to the workshop and repair them all at the same time.

Fix the scratches of the paint. There is nothing that diminishes more shine to a car than scratches. All are involuntary and many are the fault of others but eliminating them is something that you can do yourself and in a simpler way than it seems. The procedure depends on the depth of the ‘wound’.


Keeping the inside of your car clean is as important as keeping the exterior well maintained. You inhabit the inside of your vehicle every time you drive, and it’s good for both your health and your peace of mind to keep it clean.


5. Clean the upholstery

a previous treatment to difficult spots on leather. Apply a stain remover for leather and rub it on the stain.

Homemade upholstery cleaner. You do not have to spend a lot of money on commercial cleaners to clean your upholstery

A water vacuum cleaner is a powerful and practical machine that can deal with different types of jobs


Get covers for the seats. Buy covers that protect your seats. These can either be combined with your seats or they can have bright and colorful patterns.