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The best cars for the desert

Driving Through the desert

Our planet is amazing, it has beauty everywhere, the stunning landscapes provided by mother nature are simply and absolutely awesome, we have all kind of climates, many forms of life both animal and plants, they come in all styles, nature has something for each one of us.


There are many places in Earth that worth more than one visit, and one of the most exotic ones is the mysterious desert, land of legends, the desert is a land where few precipitation occurs, it is a place with few vegetation, a very high temperature during the day and cold during night, it is an hostile environment with sand everywhere, life is hard in the desert, but it have a kind of beauty that mesmerize people since ancient times.


Driving in the desert, the best cars


Drive in the desert is not easy, it is very different from drive in the city, you need an appropriated car that can resist the hard conditions of the environment and all that sand, here are some of the best cars for driving in the desert:


1- 2008-2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is the number one option for many people, this car has proved its quality through the past decades, ┬áthe latest model, the Land Cruiser 200, is a 5.7-liter V8-packing 381 hp channeled to an 8-speed automatic, this vehicle is able to support the weight of auxiliary fuel tanks, it has four-wheel drive system that operates all the time and has a Torsen center differential to put the torque where it’s needed.


2- 1998-2016 Volvo XC 70 (Cross Country), it has a good reputation, even if it is not specially recommended for deep sand, it has durability and traction.


3- 1949-1979 VW Beetle, its engines are fuel efficient and easy to work on, this vehicle has an excellent off-road ability and has been successfully used in desert landscapes.


4- 1998-2016 Subaru Forester, is very powerful and reliable, it offers exceptional traction in slippery conditions, and power and strength too, the 2.5i models come with a six-speed manual transmissions standard and an all-wheel drive system with a viscous coupling locking center differential that can split torque equally front to rear.


5- 1992-2006 Hummer H1, this car is impractical for use as street vehicle, but if you’re looking for an excellent car for the desert, this is a good option, it has a great performance in hot and sandy environment, its drivetrains is sucked up into the chassis, providing around 16 inches of ground clearance.


6- 2004-2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, they are highly recommended for a desert adventure, it had larger axles, locking differentials, a disconnectable front swaybar and a transfer case with ultra-low gearing.


With these awesome vehicles you will arrive to your desert destination safe, you may need a carpet cleaning service after that, but they will take you wherever you want to go.